January 30, 2009

Money Saving Ideas for Recession

Over the past 6 months the most commonly used word from Iceland to Australia and the most searched word overtaking Paris Hilton, Obama and Osama is none other than RECESSION. Everyone is obsessed and opinionated on basic concepts like Unemployment to complex theories like economic cycles. Personal opinions with exaggerated figures and mind blowing statistics are the order of the day.
Some people take it to the next level by advising on recession friendly business ideas and dissecting theories floated by world renowned economists. Adding to the confusion and expert ism i have come up with my own list of money saving ideas for recession.

Self Washing
wash your own clothes for a change, mess up yourself with all the detergents and foamy soaps, operating washing machines and fiddling with heavy iron boxes. This cost saving activity has an added benefit of fat burning, you can burn an average of 200 calories. this practice can save you 200-250 dhs per month.

Self Cooking
This is a very adventurous idea and can be advised only for the strong hearted survivors. You will have to cope with eating burned rice and spoiled curries till you gain expertise on cooking edible food. The added benefit for this practice will be the empathy and gratitude you develop towards your Mom for cooking all those delicious meals. Cooking can be a very good hobby for foodaholics (like me and my friends) who have the knack for appreciating good food. Here you can save anything from 400-1,000 dhs depending upon your choice of eateries.

Self Car Washing
I know it is very nice and relaxing to go through the automatic car wash assembly lines, the sprinkling water, gushing foam and thrusting air, it is a beautiful experience. All ardent car lovers will agree with me on this, it is a great feel to wash your own car, its like nursing your own baby, caressing its contours and brushing away minuscule dirt marks, you become one with the car (i know iam over doing it). This belongs to the first category of fat burning with higher chances of calorie destruction (upto 400 Calories) and a cost saving of 100 Dhs. per month.

VOIP Calling
For the dummies on Internet calling VOIP stands for voice over Internet protocol and is the economical version of calling through the net to phones abroad and back home. This method of calling is highly economical if you are ready to forgo the temporary glitches and echoing pleasantries. If you are married or engaged and cant bear the grief of distance then this is a perfect way to blabber sweet nothingness over hours and hours. The average saving can be from 500-2500 depending upon your purpose and duration of flirting. VOIP calling is not legal in UAE and we do not promote using VOIP there .

This might be small individually, but if you can implement all of these you can save a n average 2000-2500 Dhs. per month. This is not rocket science and advanced molecular physics, you don't need a passing blogger's direction to identify this, but the secret is in implementing it. like they say the smallest action is far more powerful than the biggest dream.

January 21, 2009

Why do I Procrastinate ?

This is a very interesting topic and something very close to my heart. I have finally found something iam really good at "procrastination" ( delaying things), iam so good that i have started this post from last 3 weeks and finally took so much effort to reach your screens. This will be a good post to start with for the new year, when we are looking forward to the future with gloom and despair.

some believe that this has been the biggest factor which has held back humanity from progress and success. I dont know about humanity, but for me it has really played some role, its not that i have not progressed or succeeded (if you consider the progress in weight gain and my success in gluttony). If i had not delayed those early morning jogs or bin ch diet plans, i would have been something else. If i had not delayed my PG plans i would have been a graduate by now (not that it would make a difference in anything). If i had not delayed my post on procrastination, you would have been spared this blabbering, the possibilities are immense.

But iam someone who believes in the theory that everything happens for a reason, that includes my habits and beliefs too. If iam delaying things i think it has had it benefits too at times. But i think it is basically human in nature to delay things, because if everyone did what they said or thought then we will be leaving in a different world. Don't consider this post as something that i have written to drive some sense or intellectually dissect, but as my passing fancy for a usual habit.

So now to make a difference i take the oath against the evil P, with one hand on my chest and the other stuffing the last lonely cookie into my mouth. I £%$£$£ promise myself that i will not procrastinate any more, what ever it is. This oath includes posting on the blog atleast once in a week and trying not to be as boring as this time. As i have taken my first step towards reviving the blog, i expect my readers (1+2) to promise that they will comment on my posts, however silly that maybe and i wont mind if it is more stupid than my useless chatter. This does not promote commenting on any advertisements, for which iam happy to browse myself. Chao