March 31, 2009

Dubai The city of Dreams

Going through my previous posts, one common thing i have noticed is that i have never given enough justice to Dubai the city where i reside. The Eldorado of South Indian Expatriates, where people come with a hope in their heart to make it big some day. The Dubai where Laborers working for frugal wages and white collar jobs offering exuberant salaries live along the same city.

The city has a charm of its own, the freedom and culture unfounded anywhere in the region. Ability to find affordable lifestyle to extreme Luxury and lavishness. As a member of the Malabari diaspora i feel home here more than anywhere else. If Kerala was allowed to offer a new number plate Dubai would be KL 99 followed by the car number. Its a fact that you can find more Indians in UAE than the National community of Arabs.

Dubai is unique in its own ways, as a transit point for all major destinations in the world, this is the place where you have to be if you want to globe trot occasionally. The cuisines on offer will make any foodie relish the prospect of visiting Dubai and cant ignore the monstrous malls and endless brands on offer.

This is the city that has taught me so many things in such a short span of time. The value of time, friends, relationships and above all the ability to dream big. All the luxuries on display will drive you to work harder and harder to get the irresistible comforts of life. Dubai makes you believe in the possibilities and look at things as what they ought to be not what as they are.

Over the years like every other burgeoning metropolis Dubai has been compating the evils of growth like traffic, inflation and continuous growth pressures. The city has been doing the best it can cope up with the the growing population and its perils, better roads, an ambitious Metro project, modern public transport and the most important one good policing.

This is one place where you can have faith in the justice system and be envious about the way the police treat civilians (our forces should learn something from them). It is a city where women can feel safe enough to roam the streets at midnight without company. The best thing you can learn from the people out here are their modesty and humility in treating people.

No iam not acting like a sycophant cozying up to his object of adoration. Like every other place it has its own short comings too, but when the pros outweighs the cons then a new hope arises there, a model to adopt and a plan to marvel.

I thought it will be good to look at the glass half full for a change, to hope, to nurture, to dream and above all to believe in a better tomorrow.

March 29, 2009

What happens if you Dump the Idiot Box ?

I often wonder when we call the TV an idiot box, is it because it makes an idiot out of us ? or Whether the Idiot in the Phrase is the box itself ? or let me guess is it all those soaps, serials, game shows and noisy news channels the Idiots. As a TV addict myself i know how influensive it can be in the daily routine, all the wasted time, the late night sleeping, the sleepy mornings and above all an information confusion build up over the time. I believe its the most deviating and procrastination inducing device invented by men ever.

So out of curiosity and experimentation one fine day i decided to shelve the TV for some time. YES to remove the TV and disconnect the cable for good for now. The idea has bought a lot of protests, criticism and sympathy (towards someone who is loosing his mind). But painstakingly i stood by my decision and its already two months without it now. I accept the fact that the emptiness was scary initially, all the hubbub, chatter and chaos was missing out of my life.

The ideas behind this action was to spend more time reading, hopefully write more and even to achieve a clear opinion on current affairs outside the normal perceptions. The experiment has been successful in a way, i have already completed a couple of books in the absence of our villain. But the writing part has been lagging behind. I guess God has been answering some of your prayers off late hehehe.

So what do i feel after two months of TVless living? mixed feelings of reclusiveness and boredom. I have started realising to the true extend how much time i have been wasting on TV and how it has become an intrinsic part of day to day living. Its true that absence makes the heart fonder, for a change i miss the confusion and chatter, the documentaries, the talent shows and even some of the tear jerky serials. The most i miss now is the election news, the infighting, the ever changing political scenery and new partnesrships formed by the hour.

Without TV i have discovered more web portals in the last two months than my entire internethood. I have started depending on written content, reading hidden meanings in still photographs and even patient enough to buffer videos one by one. Personal Advice: its worth trying, you might sound more informed than the others as you take the effort to gather news from all other sources and you wont be confused from all those endless perspective from umpteen news channels.

One thing is for sure, you can see that i am really confused and i cant even differentiate between my major arguments out here. Its been a week from my last post and the frequency of posting has come down from one every day to mentally exerting to write one in a week. So whats keeping me busy from writing; absolutely nothing, its pure lethargy and my all time ally procrastination that's slowing me down. I can also include lack of ideas, lack of thought worthy news or even recession to blame. Hope to improve on my writing and post more.

March 21, 2009

Dream Readers Nightmare

Away for a week without any posts, don't blame me, iam out of ideas and there isn't any news inspiring enough to write about. So i have decided to go into more personal and ordinary aspects of life. To write about everyday happenings, that does not look interesting to any of us.
I happen to be a good dreamer, not the visionary kind, but a fortunate one with the ones in between long naps and short slumbers. I have had really strange dreams and happen to remember many of them. It is said that dreams are the results of failed hopes and aspirations, visualisations of what could have been or what things could end up to be.

I have had dreams involving famous personalities, businessmen, politicians, writers etc. I tend to discuss them with my unfortunate friends and hence i tend to retain some memory of what little i remember. Of having important one to one meeting with Industrial heavy weights, on giving sensitive political advices to upcoming political leaders. And then i wake up with the feeling of having conquered the world. I have had my share of strange meaningless dreams too, waking up shaken and bewildered out of a nightmare.

If any of you have read about dreams and dreaming you would have come across a phenomena called lucid dreaming, a dream where you can take control of your surroundings. I believe i have had one or two lucid dreams too, where i flew like superman and rescued damsels in distress. The only problem with this fascination with dreams is that you tend to sleep more. Because you can dream only when you sleep, and you try to perfect and improve the visions.

Another regular dream i have is of people running behind me hehehe, i don't know why, it always involves a chase scene with me escaping narrowly. I hope one day science grows up to the challenge and devices ways to record dreams and influence dreaming in a positive therapeutical way. And then there are these erotic dreams with beautiful damsels all over me and unfortunately they dont happen often and i remember very little of them too. hehehe

Eventually i will dream of blogging and writing interesting posts which are read by thousands of eager readers awaiting my every word. hehehhe this looks most likely to happen in my dream only so let it remain so. If anyone can suggest topics that will be really great.


March 14, 2009

Of Elections, Coalitions, Alliances, and Breakups

The great Indian elections is around the corner again and the usual drama, mania's, campaign promises etc that follows with it too. Every time an election comes we anticipate, we hope, we pray and as usual most of us become indifferent to what happens and who gets selected to rule us for the next 5 years. Which next alliance under what new 3 letter phrase with which all new best friends will done the cap of the neta and govern our hopes and aspirations.

Something peculiar that i have been noticing off late is very disturbing to our democratic value. The youth of the nation or at least the presumed ones around me have become indifferent to whats happening in the political front. This might be an odd observation in a rather peculiar set of callous and dejected generation. The feeling that comes with the helplessness and disgust towards a badly managed phenomena. Most of them are unaware of the proceedings, the candidates, the partnerships and even the existence of one.

You cant blame them either, you will be too if friends turn foe's overnight, if 10 year old partners revel in verbal accusations and alien self styled rich industrialists turn leaders overnight. When the common man climbing up the political ladder step by step becomes irrelevant and unwelcome in decisive meetings. When promises are never kept and alliances are meant to be broken this is what will happen.

So what do we do? should we stand and watch, keep nagging about their ineptitude and inefficiencies and tilt our hands with helplessness. This reminds me of one of the most inspiring social initiative advertisement in the recent years, the Tata tea, jago India campaign promoting involvement and initiative. The advertisement was really awakening and portrayed the actual behaviour of the indifferent youth. One thing that can liven up your hope is to watch Mani Ratnam's Yuva and see how the new generation can do something about the political drama.

The only thing we can do to change the situation is to get involved with what you detest and do something about it. But again, who has the time, who is bothered or above all why should we shed out of our comfort zones. The future docent look all grim too, even if we have to blame the dynasty syndrome there is an injection of youth or relative young leaders springing up through out the country. Lets hope tomorrow will be good and many of us will get ourselves involved with chaos of politics.

P.S Running short of ideas, coming into the conclusion that boredom is apart of recession and beginning the path to indifference and helplessness. If anyone has any suggestions on topics for a new post do comment and rate my inconsistency.


March 10, 2009

What's The Time ?

In ordinary situations this seems to be a very easy question to answer, all you have to do is glance at your wrist watch and proclaim the visible result. But what will you do if you have different time settings in different time display devices. I have at least 9 different places i can look to determine time, no iam not exaggerating the situation and all have entirely diiferent time displayed.

My wrist watch time is 10 minutes fast from the presumed actual time, then the laptop displays the time 45 minutes away from reality (yes 45 minutes, dont ask me why 45), the car LED watch is slow by 10 minutes, then there are clocks displaying 4 different time zones (India, Taiwan, China, USA) in the office. It doesn't stop there either there is another watch in my cabin showing time 15 minutes away and then finally there is the ubiquitous cell phone which has become self sufficient displaying any time that its artificial intelligence assumes suitable for the moment hehehe. Finally there is this watch in my room stuck at 10: 10, i removed the battery one fine day unable to suffer further irritation from the sound of seconds ticking away.

Now why do i have such different time settings living in one time zone all the time. The reasons where very convincing at that point of time, inspired by inspirational speakers on the benefit of setting time ahead of reality, i fell for their techniques. There are other reasons too, the time in the car is at that juncture because however i meddle with the controls he never surrenders to my whims.

This can be a very confusing situation, i have lost control of time now and to be frank am truly unaware of actual time any moment. It has mixed results too, i reach early where iam meant to be late and reach late where my punctuality would have been a merit. Some day very soon i will have to take the effort to bring the situation into order, otherwise i will be beaten up by people who value their time.

P.S I had a friend who told us this story where the villain of the plot the mosquito fly's into his kitchen and he the saviour chasing it out. As the story progresses he chases the mosquito from his four door CFC free refrigerator to the 6 pan cooker with grill cabin and goes on to his automatic dishwasher. He takes a plunge to catch the mosquito as it kisses the 42" LCD tv in the kitchen and finally the mosqito unconquerably fly's out. The story was meant to portray his affluence and financial superiority. Hehehe.
Likewise this post by no means was written to show that i have an intelligent mobile phone, my own Korean car, an ageing laptop, my own miniscule cabin and more hehehhe. If anyone felt so it was truly unintentional hehehe.


March 9, 2009

On Scam's, Fraud's, Prankster's, Trickster's and more

Running out of ideas to write is not a very interesting, situation. I think it has got something to do with the latest news, surprisingly theres nothing interesting happening around. Most of us are depressed, tensed and recession stricken and it doesn't look like getting better any time soon. Some of you might have noticed the depression and pessimism in some of my posts lately, so i have finally decided to shed the gloomy feel and be a beacon of hope heheheh. A bend in the road is not the end of the road, unless you fail to make the turn.

Ok back to the theme of the post. This has high significance now as every other day a new scam comes to light, some small and some really huge. This post is not about corporate malpractices and billions siphoned off in secret Swiss accounts, it’s about my personal experiences with them. My earliest experience with a trickster can be dated back to 8th standard, when i was attracted to this glass juggler multiplying your investment with every right bet in a Mela. Yes the kind of juggler whom Abishek Bachan puts out of business in Guru, unfortunately the movie hadn't released then, and i didn't know the tricks of the trade (i don't know even now) and lost everything i had in hand lol.

The phrase that experience makes us more cautious is very true. I have fortunately stayed out of trouble from then and have developed a knack in spotting tricksters. I have come across my share of scams and online frauds in this short span of time. I have had African Generals asking assistance for transferring millions of dollars, widowers pleading aid for recovering her husband’s wealth deposited in some hidden bank accounts. I have had a mail written by the late Palestine leader’s wife asking assistance for recovering billions of dollars. People have contacted me for clearing billion dollar TT's hehehe and asked assistance for toppling military government’s hehehe.

The system of bulk mailing has become so effective and iam sure many of you would have come across lots of crap like this. I have had lottery results declaring me as the winner for million pound gambles which i have not even applied for. What do these people think, i might look dumb but iam not really that dumb hehehhe. They might be having some minuscule rate of success otherwise they would have stopped it long time back. Some debt driven, depressed or dumb browser might fall for that at some point of time, expecting a quick gain and overnight riches.

Now there is a new type of scam, the online representative for an African country's budgetary organisation identifies your area of business and sends enquiries for your products in huge quantities. Portraying their credentials, calling you up for follow up and explaining their contacts within the department to execute the order. When you give them an offer confused about the quantity, scared about the logistics of such a deal, they will keep you waiting for a week or two. Then one fine day you will get the purchase order, no negotiations, no haggling on prices, no references straight out confirmation.

When you are star struck and shocked on the outcome, usually orders amounting to millions of dollars. Then the next step of the deal, a very soft spoken middle man calls up and asks you to send samples of your product to a given address and $ 2,000 to 10,000 based on the product and scale. This amount will be for getting some expert certification from the country's quality boards. The psychology is that it’s ok to give a few thousand dollars for getting the multi million dollar order hehhehe. If you unluckily send the amount that’s the last you hear from them, all your million dollar dreams down the drain. It’s really amazing how people comes up with new ideas to dupe people and every time someone puts their head on the table.

The scams have gone to such an extend that even if some anonymous person genuinely sends us a good news we wont trust him. Blame it on the society, now we can’t even trust good news hehehe.

March 6, 2009

We Dont Negiotiate with Altruistic Cranks !!

If you have been observing the Gandhi artefact's auction developments, this is my personal comments on the already worsening state of affairs. For those of you who are not tuned to the issue, an independent collector Mr. James Otis has put up some personal belonging’s of Gandhi's for auction at the prestigious Antiquorum Auctioneers. A photograph reveals the articles as: a battered brown sandals, given to a British army officer in 1931; a simple metal bowl on a plate; a typical gandhi syle old glasses ; and a rather mundane pocket watch.

He has been juggling his decisions on continuing the sale with various bargains, opinions and inane ballyhoo’s.He is creating hype by negotiating with the Indian government and occasionally proposing to halt the auction. Our Recession stricken ministry, scared of any bad moves with an impending election has already given an offer to stall the sale. But unfortunately our man Mr. Otis has found the amount too less to even disclose it.

Then he has put up a suggestion where he is ready to give it for free if the Indian government assures to spend 5 % of our GDP on the poor (as per the latest figures around $ 55-60 Billion). Later he has come up with one more condition which entails our poor government to spend more money on health care than it spends on defense activities.

The recommendations are reasonable from the perspective of Mr. Otis. I think this has got something to do with the slum dog millionaire syndrome, where the whole country looks like a slum and everyone a daily struggler. But what is going through his mind while proposing such ridiculously unreasonable recommendations. Yes we accept the fact that we have 27% of the world, s hungry and 45 % below the poverty line. It’s true that 2/3 of our people don’t have proper sanitation and proper drinking water, but by any reasonable justifications this is not how things are done here.

Mr. Otis we are the one among the very few economies capable of expecting an 8 % growth rate and a comparatively stable and democratically successful country. What if luckily some Indian digging through his attic comes across some token of historical importance or patriotic compulsion for the Americans? And this man becomes eccentric enough to propose US withdrawal from Iraq or Unilateral support for Palestinian cause. How would you react?
Just because we don’t have an aggressively coercive foreign policy, it doesn't mean that you can ridicule our national icons and question our internal policies and beliefs. Let’s make one thing clear first we don’t need budgetary guidance from altruistic philanthropist's any more.

As per the latest developments our Man Friday in cases of protecting national pride from capitalist evil men, Mr. Vijay Mallya has won the items by making the highest bid of $ 1.8 Million. He had saved us earlier in the case of Tipu Sultans Sword too. We shall have our day very soon and we will put up the statue of liberty for auction and ask the US government to spend 10 % of their GDP on promoting bollywood in the Americas hehehe

March 5, 2009

A Short History on Bygone 50 Posts

Yes it is true that we have been able to complete 50 rather uneventful posts ranging from cooking instructions on mushroom omlette with cheese to boring posts on tyre changing ordeals. We have written on everyday events like marriage's and birthdays, advised on cost saving ideas for recession to suggestions on cheap weekends. Unfortunately you have been exposed to some of my radio active poetry and even a shot at a failed attempt on fiction. We have bored you with unintelligible things like economic theories and explaining financial practices and initially when we were really out of ideas justified with straight out plagiarism from works of literature and interesting chain mails.

We thank all the readers of (1+2 (yes that’s me checking the blog in the morning, afternoon and again in the evening heheheh)) our blog. Thank you for patiently going through our rather absurd thoughts and conclusions. We thank all the people who took effort in giving us a piece of their mind by commenting and reviewing the posts.

If it doesn't really bother you and if the time you spent browsing on the net is more than the time you spend working (characteristic's of a recession hit business), then comment on your favourite post if any and suggestions to improve our musings. To all my readers from Latin America and Australia (just kidding), you can comment in Latin i will take the effort to translate and comprehend your thoughts heheeh.

As a 50 post special, i have come up with a new scheme, no we don't offer discounts on properties and sell outdated electronic goods. WE WILL WRITE ON ANY 5 SELECTED TOPICS THAT YOU COME UP WITH, HOWEVER COMPLICATED, CONTROVERSIAL, OR TO AN EXTEND PERSONAL IT GETS. Please don't ask me about how i helped AR rahman to get the Oscars (heheheh) or don't even provoke me to write a travelogue on my adventurous Latin American road trips hehehe. Be descent and creative we will try our best too.

All those anonymous readers please, (yes some people are really reading this crap) take the effort and initiative to post comments. This is to check whether all those people concerned with my writing and earnestly promoting it are really reading it before their personal comments are thrown at me. If you have really noticed, i have included this follower application titled “Unfortunate Victims" in the blog, i know its asking too much, please, pretty pleaseeeee SOMEBODY PLEASE JOIN THE LIST heheheh.

P.S. Iam optimistic for a change, don't depress me this time, please take the effort, in the name of all the suicidal minutes you took reading this blag, express yourselves.

March 4, 2009

Who will remember you ?

To answer this, let’s first check whom all do we remember. No, this is no test of memory to ridicule your inefficiency. Take it easy just give it a shot, just try to remember who all you recall from this short life.

Do you remember your sweet class teacher from kindergarten, the kindest ayah who did so much for you when you were a child, the long lost best friends you had in school, your first crush, the day you got beaten for not bringing the signed marks card, the tensed day before your 10th standard exam, how you felt doomsday was approaching when the calendars tore away to the result announcement day. Try to remember the first day you realised science was not your piece of cake in 11th or the day you finally studied without sleepless nights for your 12th board exams. How you proclaimed yourself freedom walking out of the school gates on your last day of exam. The first day in college, the oddity of finding yourself in a strange crowd without friends and acquaintances, the day you were made part of a bigger group, which made your existence and college life relevant. The first true love, the first argument, the first breakup, the list can go on and on.

This was the easy part you might be able to score 60-80 % in the above questionnaire and it gets more difficult now. What do you remember abut each of these life changing occasions? How vague our memories are, how we promised ourselves not to forget about any of these perfect moments. So basically like our choices, preferences and conclusions our memory is short lived too. It’s like these breads which come with the expiry dates; each of our memory and memories of us in other people comes with expiry dates.

On any given day i don't remember even who iam (hehehhe) remembering others are way out of my league. How we forget the name of a friend when he is out of sight for a year or two. It’s astounding when you could recall his birthday and the days to it in the past. You forget the moments you shared, the hilarious thinks you did together, how you missed his/her presence when the absence was short.

So basically, we are nothing but a small term memory, the people who are influenced by you are very few, maybe your parents, your spouse or the current close friends. If you give it a head count you will be lucky if you can complete your index finger on one hand to the other. We are so conceited by our prominence, our arrogance and even our existence. When we forget to remember our irrelevance, our plausibility and above all our fragility. The mighty arrogant self proclaimed VIP becomes a nose watering, wheezing disturbance with a minor cold or flu.

How we think we are everything, the self reassurance of our own temporary importance. How many people do you remember from the past, leave the great political leaders, the romantic poets or some of the greatest stalwarts of the industry? We don't even remember many of them, me the self confessed Forbes and fortunes list freak don't know the richest person even in the sixties; forget a time span before that.

So many irrelevant people like us die every day, a silent uneventful life concluded without any prominence and here we are running behind all that doesn't matter, the temporary pleasures of life. Try looking at the crowd with an aerial view, so many people running to so many irrelevant things, things which might look important at that point of time. It looks so funny if you think about all the running around we do, the deadly deadlines, the unattainable targets and in the end of the day all you need is some peace of mind and happiness. One day not so late we all will be replaced; a newspaper column might announce our demise. Like we always do, someone else might give it a glance and forget our names before he turns to the next page, the irrelevant fool who though he had it all.

So wake up to the fact that we are nothing but a small speck of grain in the desert ready to blow away and replaceable by yet another irrelevant minuscule presence. Remember that no body will remember you more than you remember any body you have forgotten, don't run behind the rat, it will never stop its chase and you are the only one who will retire from it.

Have the guts to walk out of this race and start fresh, influence peoples life in a good way, help the downtrodden, relieve poverty, educate the poor, i know it sounds very unrealistic. But it is these people who have lived longer than their average memory in the lives of people he/she influenced, the change they brought forward, and the lives they improved.

To love. To be loved. To never forget your own insignificance. To never get used to the unspeakable violence and the vulgar disparity of life around you. To seek joy in the saddest places. To pursue beauty to its lair. To never simplify what is complicated or complicate what is simple. To respect strength, never power. Above all, to watch. To try and understand. To never look away. And never, never, to forget." — Arundhati Roy

March 3, 2009

We Are Not Humans Any More !!

How can we be humans with all this cruelty, prejudice, hatred and above all the indifference, the feeling that as long as we are not affected it’s OK? It really amazes me to see all the inhuman brutality by humans on other humans; it makes me wonder whether this is the same kid with the sparkling eye's and the innocent smile.

How can he grow up to be so indifferent, to inflict so much pain, to kill without a blink of an eye, where did we go wrong. Is it the careless upbringing, the biased society or the huge difference in financial wealth. We can blame the criminal politics, the systematic religious vote banking, and the conceited caste system.

It really baffles me how men can kill a fellow human being for such simple things like a traffic brawl to a property border dispute. How religion which is supposed to bring discipline, unity, promote kindness is misinterpreted to take lives. We have to surrender to the universal conclusion that all religions are good by principle but it is the follower who takes advantage, who misinterprets and comes into his own selfish conclusions. Have you heard of any religion preaching ethnic cleansing or any society impartially subjugating a sect, caste or creed.

Humans have killed more humans than tobacco, reckless driving, coronary diseases, malignant cancers and hungry stomachs combined. And we sit in front of our LCD screens, flickering picture tube screens, tilting computer screens and criticize and advocate breast cancer campaigns, anti tobacco advertisements and promote safe driving. Before all this we have to educate humans, nurture kindness not policing, not screening and not even useless debating. We have to promote compassion, explain empathy and bring up universal love.

We don't want radical preachers telling us whom to hate, whom to subjugate, whom to rent our properties, where to teach our children and even what to think. Let us wake up to the realities of life, the stark naked authenticity's of everyday living. Let us not be stopped by the sanctimonious grin of the better followers, and the derogating comments of the true believers. Wake up people, let us live us humans for a change.

March 1, 2009

Will We be Ever Happy?

What is happiness, this like the question who am I is very flexible and vague. What makes you happy one day doesn't even bother you another day. Have you ever thought about it, being happy is something everyone aims at and never achieves. Some chart happiness through money, others through love, some through loneliness and even some through pain.

We have always been unhappy from the time you remember as far as you can. No iam not being pessimistic, at every point of time we have felt unhappy and believed a moment before that was bliss. When we were in school unhappiness came in the form of class tests, rude teachers, brawling bullies and continuous classes. The when the schools were over you look back and say “wow it was so great, the classes were so fun, no tension at alll bindaaaz."

Then the adventurous, loafing around college era started, when the HOD was a terror, attendance was always in short, you never got enough sleep, always short of money and missed school life like never before. You just want to be from all these and start earning on your own. Once its over you look back and cherish bunking classes, snacks at the canteen, the happening birthday parties, the occasionally adventurous night life and even you feel bad about missing your enigmatic teachers. Hehehhe Even today i delivered this line " oh college life what a life it was macha"

Then finally after getting a job and receiving the first salary, you feel independent but never content. This is something we should be taught from an early life, to be content with what we have, never compare and conclude on silly materialistic possessions. Then the job becomes monotonous, it becomes boring, you feel burdened and what not, the vanishing elixir called happiness is not even there. Then your next aim is for a better job, a higher position a bigger designation the list is unending and the money never becomes sufficient. Then when you get a better job then you want to settle down, marry start a family the next hunt for happiness begins there.

This never ends then your aim is for a child, then more, better job, Child's education, children's marriage bigger house, wealth and the list keeps going. You always feel that you were happy on an earlier day (like i always feel i was thinner hehehhe) it’s a vicious circle. The one fine day you are diagnosed with surpluses and deficiencies in your blood, your pump house is blocked and need repairs, your legs are weaker and can’t walk like before, the list can be as creative as it can get.

This is the synopsis of most of our lives, in search of happiness and contentment we keep dragging ourselves in the rat race. No this is not meant to be the half empty glass post. What iam trying to say here is that happiness is not in achieving landmark goals and ticking away the to do lists. It is in the small small moments in life, the ones which might not even last a minute but leaves you happy for a long while. The feel of gushing wind in you hair when driving along lonely road (not possible in Dubai) with you favourite music playing along. The funny smile of a child gazing through window of a car struck in traffic. The bakraas and prangs that you play on your friends, the delicious snacks that you savor with a blink of an eye. The list can get more and more cheesy and ridiculous.

Find happiness in the least expected places, look optimistic even when the whole world is crumbling, stay positive when the biggest companies are dying and be happy every moment. Do what your heart says, you might not have this moment tomorrow, you might not be this fortunate next week. Take the long walks you always wanted to, call up those long lost friends, shuffle through the old album and laugh at your self (my favorite).

P.S I know this post sounds very weird, just wait and see what i have to write next, its a complete paradigm shift.