November 29, 2009


The idea of posting in a more organised way has been impending for couple of weeks. The inspirations required for posting new articles have been a lot but the discipline to do that has been nil.

It has been one whole year of blogging as of 15th of November, one whole year of rambling, one year of digesting all this crap. Would like to thank my co authors who have been influenced by occasional bouts of enthusiasm and confused ideas. Thanks to all the search engines who have misled browsers to this portal, all browsers who have taken the effort to spend some time on this site.

It is almost one year since i have posted a testimony of commitments known as resolutions and again it has been an year of failed promises, lost friends, new acquaintances and a whole new perspective towards life.

One year since a set of hooligans had the audacity to attack our national symbols of wealth, prosperity and unity. One year of gratitude to our resilience, unity and our strength to survive, fight and stand up to all the injustice done against us. Hope no bloody new kasabs have the courage to set foot on our mother land again .

One year of facebook, of my courage to stay away from farmville, of orkut trying to improvising competitors features. One year of staying away from twitter and all the new crazy invites that turn up and crowd my inbox. I think things will never change all the annoying people failed promises and endless dreams will remain.

I have led one more year of confused life, have kept up my promise of being the quintessential hypocrite, of accepting all the fallacies of life. Before you people pull your hair and start screaming, let me stop.