March 21, 2010

I Me Myself

I look myself in a mirror
Unmoved careless he stands
He stands in the midst of all this chaos
Like he doesn’t give a damn

There in the midst of maddening crowd
I stand, i stand lost and confused
The whole world is moving ahead
And yet i stand even without care

The days dawn to dusk as usual
As usual they are again ordinary
Iam living a life without a change
It looks like any other ordinary life

Tomorrow it’s yet another day like today
And when it’s over i will still be the same
My agony my pain will still have its pang
And when it’s over ill still crib about the same

I will still hope for a better day tomorrow
For every mundane day that passes by me
I will still hope for better days and nights
Coz i can hope only till when it’s all the same