June 30, 2010

Do Women Really get turned on by Axe Effect ?

Prior Script

Ages have passed since i have posted something on this portal, yes iam alive and kicking, yes i still look forward to blogging and yes definitely expect your honest reviews on it.

Off late i have been bugges by all the deodrant advertisemnts portrayng women as someone who runs behind fragrance and subjected to unlimited versions of lustful beings turned out to an outright raunchy mode on being exposed to certain peculiar smells. The versions have become so monotonous and predictive that everytime a model opens a deodrant bottle to spray you can expect women coming through the roof, door, walls and god knows where else, or undressing to continous bouts of spraying.

It was quite amusing initially and actually compelling to see the pied piper version of axe effect with an entire town of women following suit to his odour. It was also ok when they came up with multiple versions but quite amusing versions and i felt the choclate boy was also interesting . But it is not ok to see every tom dick and harry emulating their concept on and on and on without making any considerablealterations to the theme and even the basic structure. Cant people come up with any original idea in this regard.

From here we go to the original story " Do women really get tuned on by the axe effect ?" . I feel for all those millions of mislead consumers expecting to get a wink or smile from the girl sitting next to him on exposing his perfumed armpits. This is against the rationality of human conscience we are not living an utopic world where lust can be turned on with a switch. Rather studies have proven that women are attracted to pheromones given out by mans glands are attractive in nature to women.

No iam not advocating all men to quit deodrants, it will definitely be a more difficult world to live then. But wake up to the reality dont be so gullible that any PR team can take advantage of your basic instincts. And women for a change i think you can stop protesting on all the gender discriminations and question the pathetic portrayl of women in deodrant advertisements. You can do better than running behind men like he is the last man alive. Raise your voices against being comodified to the extend of a foot massager or a sauna belt you are more than that to humanity.

I know there are people who dont agree with me on this, people who think why do you give a damn? people who think as long as they show super sexy models in skinpy clothes and women ready to flaunt their clevages on a flick of a coin whats bothering me. Whats bothering me isan entire generation growing up with false ludicrous assumbtions of reality, on turning out to be gullible idiots worsening the extend of consumerism.

Do comment your views on this , if any or else create one make a stand.